Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Growth Chart Update

You know the drill. The kids had their 9 month appointment last Friday. As a result, we have updated stats. Starting with Colin we have...

Weight for Age:

Length for Age:

And, Weight for Stature:

Gillian's Stats are as follows...

Weight for Age:

Length for Age:

And, Weight for Stature:

So, I guess the moral of the story is, our kids are bean-poles.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Beach Vacation: Night 6... Photobooth

So since just a little after Lea and I started dating, every time we go to the beach we seek out a photobooth and have a strip of pictures taken. We have these photostrips going back to 1997. So, of course, while we were at the beach this time we had to get one taken:
2009 Beach Pictures, Strip 1
Of course, since we have new additions to our family unit now, we had to take another:
2009 Beach Pictures, Strip 2
Behold: A slide show of all such photostrips...

Beach Vacation: Day 6

This was our last full day at the beach, which was sad, but we decided to make the best of it and take a family portrait on the beach. We have amazingly few pictures of the four of us (probably because somebody is generally taking the picture). Anyway, this one turned out half-way decent:
Also, to date we hadn't managed to get too many pictures of Grandma RoRo and Grandpa Greg with the babies on the beach, so we tried to get a couple of those too:
By this point in the week, Colin was pretty comfortable with the waves:
Bean surveys the ocean:
Grandma RoRo and Grandpa Greg left after lunch, so for the rest of the day it was just Uhls at the house. Since it was the last night there and nobody felt like doing dishes, we decided to go out for dinner. Because they make completely awesome beer, we headed to the Dogfish Head Brewpub. I was hoping to try their Johnny Cask 75 Minute IPA, but alas there was none to be had. I had to settle for a hops-infused 90 Minute IPA (tough luck, I know). Of course we had to take some pictures at the restaurant... Me and Colin:
Lea and Gillian:
Gillian was having a good time gnawing on a spoon:
After dinner we set out for our last night on the boardwalk, but more on that later...

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Beach Vacation: Day 5

More Beach! And this time Colin decided that the ocean wasn't half bad!!


Still lovin' the shovel!


Sharing a moment with Grandma RoRo:

See! Colin likes the waves!

Playing in the waves:

Although, he didn't really like it when one snuck up and hit him in the face!

Gillian really seemed to enjoy the salt that accumulated on her lips. It was pretty cute:

Back to the house for another bath, another lunch, and another nap! (We like routine!!)

After their nap C&G took another dip in the pool!

Ham bone:


Colin wanted to chill outside the pool for a while:

Waiting to get dry and dressed!

That evening Michael and I left the babies in the very competent Grandma hands, and we went out to dinner by ourselves. We had a nice dinner, walked around downtown, and strolled the boardwalk. It was a little odd to be out and about without our younglings, and Michael said to me, "It's strange that no one is looking at us. Where is all of our attention?" Our kids really do attract a lot of attention!

When we got back to the beach house, the babies were sound asleep, happily. Michael decided we would head down to the beach to try out his new X-Wing Fighter kite that his mom had given him for his birthday. The pictures aren't so great, but you get the idea:

Only ONE day of vacation left!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Beach Vacation: Day 4

(As you can see, our postings have slowed since returning home from the beach! We'll try to get them finished up soon!)

The babies were pretty early risers on vacation. I think the latest I slept-in was 6:45, and I know the Grandmas were up with the babies before me. Fortunately, they are catching up a bit this week at home.
Bean wrestles Daddy to the floor after breakfast:

After a morning nap, the kiddos headed to the beach!

More time for eating sand:

Splashing in our wagon:

Sharing sand with Mommy:

After some beach time, we headed back to the house for bath, lunch, playtime, and another nap!

Goofing with Mommy:

Some deck time with Grammy:

Grandpa was kind enough to help Gillian get some jumping practice in:

After supper we headed back up to the boardwalk for a walk and ice cream. When we got there we realized the Grandpa Frank and Daddy were their own set of twins!!

Grammy Lynn and Grandpa Frank with the babies on the boardwalk (we attracted quite a bit of attention on the boardwalk, although we did spy several other sets of twins last week too):

The kids really seemed to enjoy the people watching on the boardwalk:

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Beach Vacation: Day 3

Colin came into his own at the Beach on Tuesday. He really started exploring and taking in the sites. He went to visit the neighboring people on the beach, and they gave him a little nerf-like toy:
The toy was interesting for a while, but there was a lot of exploring to be done:

And sand toys to be played with...
While he's still pretty apprehensive about the waves, he's definitely cool with the sand.
The Bean continued to have a good time as well. Both kids were wearing their alternate swim suits this day. These suits are really just tops paired with swim diapers (though Bean does have a lovely matching hat). Bean's wardrobe has been graciously supplied by her cousin Sarah.
Both kids took some time out of their busy exploration schedules to chill with the grandparents.
Later in the day, there was more swimming in the pool on the deck. But alas there are no new pictures from that event.

On a side note, Daddy and Grandpa Frank went on the Dogfish Head brewery tour in the afternoon (they had gone once in the past too). If you're ever in the Rehoboth area, we recommend that you take the trip up to Milton, DE for the tour. The free samples are probably some of the best you will ever get on a brewery tour!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Beach Vacation: Day 2

Day 2 saw C & G return to the beach for more fun in the sun. However, before heading down to the water's edge, Colin took a moment to read "Peek-a-Who" (his favorite book... to eat) with his Mom.
On the beach, Gillian helped Grandpa Uhl dig some holes in the sand. As stated previously, she loves the beach.
Colin still wasn't convinced that the Ocean was a good thing. He prefers his water stationary. He did go to check it out with Grammy Uhl:
Sitting beyond the reach of the water turned out to be more pleasing.
Gillian, however, knows no fear when it comes to the ocean. When the water recedes, she wants to walk further into the surf. Here she is checking out the water with Grandpa Uhl:
After a nice lunch and nap back at the house, the kids were ready to go again. But, since we had taken baths after our morning trip to the beach, C & G went to the pool instead. You may remember from Day 1 that Grandma Volpe had brought along a small inflatable pool. Well, this pool has now been set-up on the deck of the beach house for afternoon use by the boy and the Bean. It was perhaps an even bigger hit at the house than it was at the beach:

And here's more pictures to prove it:
It was so much fun that it required a snoot!