Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thanksgiving Weekend 2012

Oh Thanksgiving.  My favorite.  It was a good one this year.  And for that we are very thankful.  Given that 2008 was spent with 4 weeks old twins (and EXHAUSTION), 2009 was spent in the hospital with Colin's first asthma attack (and EXHAUSTION), and 2010 was also spent in the hospital with Colin's round of pneumonia (and EXHAUSTION), we will take any holiday that involves being home, being healthy, and a normal level of tiredness.  Amen.

So, Thursday morning we headed north.  We love to travel the morning of Thanksgiving.  Traffic is amazing.  We went straight to Grammy and Papa Frank's to get ready for some turkey!  Tickles help prepare you for turkey.

Colin was very snuggly on Thanksgiving.   Daddy almost accomplished his dream of napping with a snuggly kid on a holiday.

After a delicious lunch, we hung out with the family.  Some of us napping, watching some dog show, and plenty of Yahtzee Jr.  Gillian's favorite game of late!

After a quick lay-down for the kids, we took them into Dickiedoo and Noonie's for a second round of turkey and other goodies.  And, as usual, the camera did not get used!  Grrr.

On Friday morning, Grammy suggested that she and Papa take the kiddos to the tree farm to tag a tree.  Daddy and I volunteered to stay home.  That deal worked for everyone!  Looks like they had fun though!

They found one!
Good work, team.

On Friday evening we had our annual celebration of Papa Frank's birthday with the Keister family.  I only took two pictures.  Rest assured, there was much merriment, playing with Joe, and more Yahtzee.
(I think Colin is asking Joe a serious question there.)
(Can you spot the horse on the table?)

Saturday morning, we woke up to a dusting of snow.  The kids were transfixed.  They sat like this with Grammy, chatting about snow, for about half an hour.

Then we were off to Great-Grandma's for another round of turkey.  As usual, there was much noise, many people, too much good food, and just plain craziness.  Colin and Gillian just played and played and played.  I think they really enjoyed all their family, especially cousins Ben and Sarah.  Oh, and more Yahtzee.

Sunday morning we packed up and headed home.  Daddy and I remarked on the way home that we have two wonderful kids.  They traveled so well and were so well-behaved, friendly, independent, and just plain ol' awesome this year.  Hurray!  Ready for next Thanksgiving already!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Adventures in Babysitting

Before Thanksgiving we had the pleasure of having Mr. AJ at our house for the morning.  His Mommy got to go to Julia and Ian's Feast at pre-school and we were entertained by our favorite two year old in exchange!

AJ's favorite part of the day, I think, was our cats. His house is pet-free, so they were a total novelty!  He would lay eyes on our skittish, shy little female, get a huge grin, throw is arms open wide, and yell, "COME HERE!!!"  Sadly, Weasel wasn't enthusiastic in return.  I do think she put in a good 10 miles running in circles to get away from him that day.  Momo finally came downstairs and AJ did get in a few pets.

Besides cat wrangling, we did a few other things.  Namely, a lot of stickers.

Oh, Queen of Pajamas.


Then we got some picnic action going.

We had a great time playing with AJ.  We'd have him back anytime!  I'm not so sure how Weasel feels about that though.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Woah. Lego.


Lots of building going on here.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Great Minds

Thomas had a cold.  So Colin tucked him into the shed and lit up his "humidity-fire."  Such a sweet, caring boy.
Camera Roll-386

Gillian decided to re-purpose Cinderella's carriage for some farm work.  Seemed like a grand idea to me!  Such a waste to save the carriage for only taking to fancy balls!
Camera Roll-388

Such creative minds!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Money Makers

Colin and Gillian got really neat piggy banks for their birthdays.  And they got them for a reason!  Mommy and Daddy thought it was time to start some chores and small allowance.  The kids agreed.  In fact Gillian downright NAGGED me until we came up with a chore chart and officially started.

So, to start us off, each kiddo has to make their bed daily, clean up the living room before bed, clear/set the table for dinner, and another extra chore assigned sometime during the week.  And for all that they earn a nice, fat 75 cents a piece.  And they are THRILLED.

The first week's allowance ceremony.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Daddy's Helper

A few weeks ago I went to put a roast in the oven on a Sunday afternoon and POOF.  No heat in the oven.  Grrr.  The stove top worked and the broiler worked, so we guessed it was the oven igniter.  It's happened to us before.  So, Daddy ordered the part.  And Colin started planning to help "fix it"!

Camera Roll-382
Camera Roll-383

Don't you do home repair in pajamas???  Oh, and the oven works just peachy keen thanks to my men!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Nice Day to Play

We took advantage of some amazing 70 degree November weather to clean up the yard one last time. Well, Daddy and I cleaned up.  C&G took the opportunity to play camping and make a big mess out of the hurricane swamped sandbox!

The kids sitting aPB110612.JPGround the "camp fire."

Colin wore his pirate patch ALL day.  For about three days.  In the middle of his forehead.

More campfire time.

And sleeping out under the stars?  Maybe?

The camping was WAY preferable to slopping in this (in my mind, at least):

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Finally Some Trick or Treat!

Our Trick or Treat this year was postponed by that lovely weather system Sandy.  We did not have any dangerous weather, really, just a solid week of rain and a bit of stiff wind one evening.  But, actual Halloween was very wet and very chilly, so it worked out that it was postponed until November 3.

So, on the third, we headed out with our costumes.  And since it was a Saturday, we had a bit of extra time to go see Aunt Cedes and Uncle D before heading to Miss Laura's for official Trick or Treat.

Gillian wasn't quite feeling the whole "trick or treat" thing just yet.  Despite being quite adept at it last year, she seemed reluctant to participate at Uncle D's house!  Fortunately, after a HUGE pizza dinner, she perked right up and got in the swing of things!

Waiting for pizza...YUM.

When we got to Miss Laura's there was all of this fun:

And then we were OFF!

After about 15-20 houses our  buckets were full, our noses cold, and the kids were tired.  So we headed back to Ian, Julia, and AJ's house.  And then it was PARTY time!  Mr. AJ's birthday happens to fall on Halloween, so Miss Laura and Mr. Kenny had invited all the neighbors (and us, the neighborhood crashers) for cupcakes and drinks post-trick-or-treat! 

Look what Miss Laura made!

Birthday Boy!  The big TWO!

Recharging after all that work.

Buzz needed to check out Thomas.

And then it was time for cupcakes!
PB030607.J<a href=PB030609.JPGPG">

What a fun, fun night! And a LATE one!  Colin and Gillian certainly enjoyed the heck out of Halloween this year!  Candy, skeletons, ghosts...LOVED it all.