Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Few More Pictures...

Jessica wants more pictures, so here are two more. First, Miss Gillian:
And Master Colin:
I haven't really had time to take many nice photos yet, but I'm thinking that either tomorrow or Friday we'll have a baby photoshoot.

Monday, October 27, 2008

PSU Defeats Ohio State (with Help from Colin and Gillian)

So, there was a BIG Penn State Football game on Saturday night... maybe you read about it. And though they were only about 26 hours old, Colin and Gillian wanted to do their part to cheer on the Lions. It was a good thing that they had their Penn State hats with them at the hospital so that they could show their Lion Pride.
Uncle David and (soon-to-be) Aunt Mercedes stopped by to meet their new niece and nephew (and as it turned out to admire their PSU apparel).
Lastly, since people have mentioned that there are no shots of the new dad with any of his progeny, here's one from before the game:

Saturday, October 25, 2008

By the Numbers

So, Lea points out that I haven't actually posted all of the typical baby information. Well, there's a simple reason for that... I forgot. So here we go:
Colin Xavier Uhl
DOB: 2008/10/24 & 6:09 PM
Weight: 4 lb 7 oz
Length: 18 in.
Gillian Jane Uhl
DOB: 2008/10/24 & 6:13 PM
Weight: 4 lb 8 oz
Length: 18 3/4 in.
And, for those who may be concerned, no cesarean was needed.

A few more photos...

Here's a couple of Mr. Colin sleeping in his bassinet:

And here are two of Gillian with her mom:

A First Picture

Here's an early picture from yesterday:
Alpha and Omega
Colin is in the background and Gillian is in the foreground. This picture is from about two hours after they were born, and they were wrapped up so tight that you couldn't really get a good picture of their faces. More and better pictures will follow, but we're waiting to change rooms, and I don't want to unpack the camera, cable, etc and get into photo editing just in time to move.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Contest Results

Colin Xavier and Gillian Jane Uhl have arrived!

Well, that concludes the voting and the winner is: jessica

While it is noted that Lynn correctly guessed Gillian's first and middle names, we felt that getting one name right for each baby was worth more points. Plus, Fitzwilliam Xavier was actually quite tempting.

Here's a breakdown of the results:

CommentorBoyGirlTotal Points
snadbag Frank Richard Roberta Rosanne 0
matt Myron Paterno Sonni Bologna 0
ynn Alexander Michael Gillian Jane 2
mamamia4859 Christopher MichaelKara Elizabeth 0
schmo Schmofty Jr. Schmofty Jr. 0
mum Nicholi Edward Olivia Jane 1
becky Jack Michael Julia/Juliet Rose 0
jessica Fitzwilliam Xavier Gillian Frances 2
Mercedes Aiden Michael Gillian Rose 1
Benjamin Luke Skywalker Leia Rose 0
Al & Maria Stephen Rhyno Jennifer Lynn 0
Grandma HannoldRobert Michael Michelle 0
Charlene Michael Francis Kira Jane 1
rapunzel696 Logan Michael Alexis Nicole 0
becky snedden Jacob Michael Elizabeth Grace 0
Jessica W. Wesley Michael Sophia Renee 0
sharon Jonathan David Anya Lynn 0
Beth and Dave Michael Scott Jillian Rosanne 1
Grandma Smith John Wayne Nancy Catherine 0
Rosanne Declan Michael Maura Rosanne 0
Greg Alex Michael Katie Rosanne 0
Sam Jacob Edward Isabella Jane 1
Lori Caleb Paul Michaela Jane 1
Laura Shaun Michael Lilly Ann0
Ken Luke Christopher Abigail Amidala0

Breaking it down a little bit, here's the counts for each of the boy names:

For the girls:

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Babies Will be Coming THIS Week!

I just came from the OB and I'm now an unbelievable 5 cm dilated! Isn't that wild? Anyway, the doctor is going to induce me this Friday instead of next! I go for a sonogram tomorrow morning to check on position and growth, and then Friday morning we'll go to the hospital to be induced. The dr hopes to have babies by late Friday afternoon!

Now, this could all change in an instant since I am already SO dilated. But, Friday at the latest! I am very excited. Michael seems a little freaked out. Wonder why?

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Pregnancy Cape (Lea Pretends She's A Vampire)

So, Lea's Mom brought her a "Pregnancy Cape" back from Ireland. It was finally cold enough when we went out on Friday that Lea thought that she should wear it. Her Mom was desirous to have a picture of Lea wearing the cape; so as we were leaving, I took a couple (note the awesome Star Wars curtains in our basement). Anyway, here's the result:
Behold the Pregnancy Cape
Then Lea said, "I feel like a Vampire!" and did this:
Best Pregnancy Picture Ever!
I vote for this as the Best Pregnancy Picture Ever™... Lea does not. She thinks she looks like a giant grape. I think she looks like that girl in Willy Wonka who eats the gum that tastes like a whole meal and then turns into a blueberry.

Either way, the picture is AWESOME.


The title says it all.

Alpha and Omega were on their best behavior and did not decide to arrive during the game. Now they need to get in gear so that they can get here before the Ohio State game next week.

Oh, and GO STATE!

Friday, October 17, 2008

We interupt this baby blog....

To bring you this announcement: GO PENN STATE!!!

(I have no idea how I'll live with Michael if Michigan somehow manages to beat PSU on Saturday)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Another weekly update

Well, we made it through another week of pregnancy, very uncomfortably I might add. I'll be a full 36 weeks tomorrow, which is PRIME TIME for twin arrival. Even Michael has decided that it's time. My dr's appointment was good this morning. I am 3.5 cm dilated now! Woo hoo! At this rate, we'll have babies by Christmas!

Not really! The most exciting part to me was that Dr. Lattanzi said he'd induce me at 38 weeks, which means Halloween! So, at the most, we have 16 more days! I tried to tell the babies that they don't want some doctor bossing them around and telling them when to be born, so they should get a move on earlier than that! If they have the same contrary streak that Michael and I have, that may work.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Recent Pregnancy Pictures

Recent pictures of my enormous belly were requested by my Mom, so while we were in the park on Saturday taking pictures of David and Mercedes for their engagement, Michael took some of me. I usually do not enjoy getting my picture taken, and it goes double for when I am 9 months pregnant. I tried to be a good sport. Michael did a nice job though.

My Dad and Grandparents Bish came for a little visit today and to deliver the my Grand-grandmother Smith's rocking chair that my Dad had just refinished. Here's some pictures of us on Sunday.



Yes, those are pajama pants I am wearing and yes, they are Michael's. My clothes do not fit me anymore, so about 80% of what I'm wearing is Michael's. Good thing he learned to share in kindergarten.

Michael's dream

So, Michael had a dream to share this morning. Those of you that know Michael well will realize this was truly momentous. In the seven years we've been married, he's had about 4-5 dreams that he's remembered. In his whole life I bet he has remembered less than 20 dreams. I, on the other hand, can remember about 20 dreams a week. I think he's just too sound a sleeper to remember when he dreams.

Anyway, this morning Michael tells me he had a dream that HE was pregnant with Alpha and was ready to deliver. Apparently, I was still carrying Omega, but somehow Michael was blessed with the other twin. He was in the hospital, I think, but he was in some sort of empty bathtub. I asked if the doctors were concerned that a man was about to give birth. He said they were. I asked him how it felt to be pregnant and ready to deliver. He said it was scary. Take whatever lesson you want from this dream. Personally, I think it reveals some anxiety on Daddy's part. Although, Mommy doesn't have any less, so we're probably even!

Alternately, it may have had something to do with the level of beer ingested during the Penn State game last night. You decide.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Doctor's Appointment Update

I had my weekly appointment with the doctor today. No changes. Everything is exactly the same. Not really what I wanted to hear at this point. I am quite ready to have these babies; I'm bored, uncomfortable, and tired of eating vegetables all the time. I want an apple dumpling, darn it! I told the doctor, as I told Michael last night, that I'm done being pregnant and that I'm going into labor on Sunday. They both laughed at me. I'm not sure why.

Keep you posted.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Contest Update

Keep those guesses coming! We are really enjoying hearing all the guesses. I have to say, Benjamin gets props for Star Wars names; Michael REALLY liked those.

We will admit that a person or persons has earned a point or points!!!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Guess the Names Game!

As you all know, we have publicly referring to our babies as Alpha and Omega for as long as they could be called anything. This was mainly my decision since everyone knew so much about them from the time they were just eggs! Something has to be a surprise, right?? Michael kindly humored me, as he often does. Tonight, Michael suggested that we have a Guess the Names Contest before they arrive. There really hasn't been too much speculation about their names, although, a lot of people think that they will be named after them! No shortage of ego in our friends and family, apparently.

Several prizes have been suggested, including diaper changing privileges. Nothing firm has been decided as a prize, but, rest assured, it will be worth the while. Here are the rules:

1. One entry per person (that means names for BOTH babies in one entry), to be entered in the comments section below
*Feel free to gather non-computer literate family members' guesses and enter them for them, just be sure to give them credit*
2. One point will be awarded for correctly guessing the first name and middle name of each baby (so, it's possible to get 4 points if you get all four names correct). The person with the most points, wins.
3. Spelling doesn't matter; however, in event of a tie, spelling will be used as a tiebreaker
4. No purchase necessary, but you can probably bribe me with a bag of Oreos
5. Winner will be announced after the babies arrive

We can't wait to see these guesses! Get your guess in early because who knows when these munchkins are arriving!