Friday, January 30, 2009

Colin Gets His Break in the Moving Pictures

Ok, so I've been meaning to post this for two weeks, but due to technical difficulties and, well, life, it is just going up today. This is Colin being a charming, happy boy. He is usually such a sweet, sweet boy.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Twelve Weeks Old!

Alpha and Omega, now know as Colin and Gillian, are twelve weeks old now! It has been the fastest and longest twelve weeks ever. It's amazing how much they have grown and changed in those weeks, and it will be fun to see how much they change in the next twelve! We took some pictures on Friday to mark the occasion:
Gillian, looking not so happy:

Gillie standing; her new favorite game:
Michael particularly liked this outfit; he thinks she looks like Kate Hepburn in her slacks. The top is very cute as well; thank you Miss Lesly and Miss Cheryl.

And here is Mr. Man with his new favorite game: holding onto rings.

We also shot a little video of Colin to show what a happy, smiley boy he is. I'll post it in a bit.

What nice, becoming-chubby, smiley babies they have become!!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Quick Update, but no new photos, sorry

It's been a while since an update, so I thought I'd post. Unfortunately I don't have any new photos. It was a rough week. Colin decided to stop sleeping last week. It started last weekend and slowly built from there. He would go down easily, but only nap for about 45 minutes and want up, but he was still tired. He also wasn't sleeping at night. Let's just say that by Wednesday, Mommy was a little miserable. So, after MUCH urging from Grandma RoRo, we went to the pediatrician on Friday. Dr. Amy was very sympathetic and checked him out for me. Turns out the poor kid has eczema, an outer ear infection, and maybe some reflux. So, Friday evening we started him on ear drops, Zantac, and Cetaphil for his skin. MAGIC, I tell you! He is sleeping SO much better (knock on wood). So, we're slowing trying to catch back up on a little sleep. Thank you Grandma and thank you Dr. Amy.

Gillian is doing quite well most of the time as well. Michael and I have discovered that she requires 19-20 hours of sleep a day STILL. When she gets them, she is a very pleasant, smiley girl.

Oh, they had their two month check up right before Christmas as well. They were both 20 3/4" long. Colin weighed 8lbs 9oz and Gilie weighed 7lbs 6oz. However, on Friday Colin was up to 9lbs 8oz. Like most of us, he gained a pound over Christmas!! They both got three shots. Colin was a little worse for the wear for it, but Gillian seemed to handle it just fine.

Hopefully we'll get some new pictures posted soon. They got some awfully cute clothes for Christmas!!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

C & G Meet Amy, Tim, Betsy, Holly, and Deepak

So while we were up in Brockway over the Christmas holiday season we managed to set up a little get-together with Amy, Tim & Betsy, and Holly & Deepak. They all came over the Uhl's and met Colin and Gillian for the first time. C & G were on their best behavior (or at least a reasonably good approximation of it). Amy started off holding the Gillie-bean:
Betsy took a turn holding Colin:
Timmy was willing to sit by a baby, but wasn't ready to hold one just yet:
Similarly, Holly did the baby-holding while Deepak looked on. Amy also got a turn to hold Colin:
It seemed that a good time was had by all, and as always, the twins were glad to make new friends.

Thursday, January 1, 2009


Ok, so we're skipping some Christmas pictures, but we'll get them later. Since today is the Rose Bowl, we all put on our new PSU gear and are getting ready to cheer. Grandma RoRo had gotten Michael and me new t-shirts for the Rose Bowl, and Grammy Lynn had bought the babies PSU sleepers before they were born. The babies are JUST big enough for them NOW!

I also thought it would be neat to compare how the babies PSU hats fit NOW, as compared to 10 weeks ago when they were born. See Exhibit A from about 9 weeks ago:

And today's versions:


It is amazing how they've grown and changed! Those look like smiles!!

Go Penn State! Rrrowrr!