Friday, February 22, 2013

Hat Contest

This was Gillian's entry in the pretend Hat Contest she had the other day. She won. Obviously.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Valentine's Day Love Bugs

We had a very sweet, fun Valentine's Day this year. The kids were VERY excited to finally take their Valentines to school and have a little party. And get mail. They LOVE getting mail!

Getting ready for school!
They enjoyed their tee shirts this year. Colin especially. His said, "Mr. Right. 100% Love." It made him laugh.

I split my time between both room's parties again. I started in Colin's room. His class said a little poem and gave all the parents a Valentine.

And we made a little craft.

I switched rooms just as Colin's room was starting snack. Gillian's room had just passed out cards and was getting ready for snack. G was happy to see me.

She didn't enjoy waiting for her classmates to eat her treats though...

After school we had lunch, quiet time, and haircuts. Oh, and a metric TON of STUFF all over the living room floor.
(I love that my mom mailed her treats in a wine box. After all that STUFF, I could have used a glass.)

After a (requested) dinner of pancakes, waffles, and bacon, C&G opened a few treats from Mommy and Daddy.

Some really cool sticker books (Gillian LOVED her. I think she's done the whole thing already).


And some coloring papers for our "Magic" markers.

We had to begin Lego construction immediately.

And be glared at by Momo. So helpful.

Happy, happy day.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Gym Time

About a month ago, Colin randomly announced that he wanted to go to gymnastics class. He has never before asked to go to a class. And he had never before expressed interest in gymnastics! I told him we could look for a gymnastic camp this summer and, then, if he liked it, we might be able to sign him up for classes in the fall. He was cool with that. THEN Gillian got an invitation to a classmate's birthday a gymnastics place. Colin was briefly crushed that he wasn't invited. I promised him that he and Daddy could find something fun to do that day, but that sometimes he and his sister would get invited to different things.

Then, miracle of miracle, Gillian's classmate's mom mentioned that I should bring Colin TOO. They would love to have them both! Oh boy, was Colin excited! It was so kind of Kylee's mom to invite Colin too!

Here we go!

That is Colin WAAAAAYYYYY over there on the trampoline.


Singing to Kylee!

When Colin burst out of the gym he told me, "I NEVER want to leave here!" I think he liked it! Gillian really enjoyed it too...she might have a tough choice between dance and gymnastics this fall!

Friday, February 15, 2013


Last week one of Colin's classmates brought a pair of binoculars for show and tell. Colin was impressed. Very impressed. Immediately upon seeing me after school I was informed that Colin needed his own beeeeeenoculars. I then heard this refrain about ten more times in the next hour. So, we came up with a plan. We had a busy week so the first we could get anywhere for beeenoculars was Saturday. And Colin had some Christmas money and a toy store gift card, so the plan was complete.

FINALLY Saturday rolled around (after we had talked about beeenoculars 20 times a day for 5 days) and the purchase was made. The toy store had a big pair and a small pair. Daddy and I thought the small pair was completely adequate and the big pair would be too hard for the boy-o to hold. So we went with the small pair. I was later told, "I think the big pair would have been better, but I got the small pair. So it will be okay." Even when he's disappointed, he's agreeable.

He talked Daddy into a walk in the park on Sunday to really try them out.
Camera Roll-401
Camera Roll-402
Camera Roll-403
Camera Roll-404

This is a heron through the binoculars and iPhone camera....
Camera Roll-405

Well, buddy, I hope you enjoy the beeeeenoculars.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


I've been meaning to blog about Missy for many months now, but never got around to it. I need to get it written down though because Missy is certainly worth remembering. Last spring (I think. It was warmish and a while a go) Colin and Gillian got their hands on old cell phones of ours. They carry them around and love the heck out of them. STILL DO.

So, we were playing around outside and Gillian had her phone. She kept pretending it was ringing. She'd answer it, talk for a minute, and hang up. Then she'd tell me she got a text. Or she needed to check her voice mail. After I contained my giggles, I asked her who she was talking to and who was texting her so much. Her answer? Missy. MISSY? (We don't know ANYONE named Missy)

"Who is Missy?" I ask.
"My coworker." says Gillian.

Okay then. That clears it up. So, on and off since last spring, nine or ten months now, we hear about Missy. Missy calls, Missy texts. Gillian is frequently perturbed with the frequency of Missy's needs. Occasionally Missy comes to visit us. On her days off. Oh yeah, Missy works one day on, one day off, one day on, one day off, repeat as needed. Poor woman.

The ONE thing we could not get Gillian to tell us is WHERE she and Missy work. We just couldn't get an answer. UNTIL two weeks ago. Daddy was taking Gillian to dance class on a Friday morning....and she finally revealed the answer. Missy and Gillian work AT THE LIBRARY. Reportedly they "check out books and tell story classes." And have emergency drills everyday. Or every Monday. They practice having fires near their library.

What a HOOT.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Dino Museum Time

The same week we had Parker, Colin and Gillian's school had conferences on Thursday. So, Daddy took the day off to come to the conferences and we all went to the dino museum to enjoy ourselves after our meetings!

Oh, Parker came too. And since Gillian brought Parker along, Colin wanted to bring Dewey. Seemed fair.

Parker and Dewey wanted to eat this big fish.


Getting ready to do some digging.

And some box exploring.

Lotsa Longnecks.

More longnecks. From above.

Colin loved this snake. Grammy will not.

Dewey and Parker visited their North Pole friends. And admired the snow house.

We learned how to make a snow house. Colin told Daddy to pay attention so he could do better in our yard next time.

Back through the dinos to stay goodbye.
(Oh hey! Look! Daddy was there that day!)

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Parker's Return!

Oh joyous day! Gillian's friend Parker came back! She's been waiting FOREVER.

We had another fun week with Mr. Parker. He played with our penguin friends, slept with Gillian every night (except the one night G let him sleep with Colin), he went to dance with Gillian twice, AND he took a trip to the dino museum with us!

Our weather last week was COLD and snowy....just want penguins like! So, he loved watching Gillian sled and play in the snow!

We MAY get Parker back in May...if the calendar works out...but I didn't tell Gillian that. It will just be a great surprise if it happens!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Burn's Dinner 2013

In the middle of January we headed north for Matt and Rachel's Annual Burns' Dinner. Last year the kids were VERY impressed with Matt's "talking to the sausage," so they were READY!

We took some quick family pictures before dinner, since we all looked nice. And Daddy was all kilt-y.

Okay, they weren't fantastic. And we had even bribed the kids with Thin Mints.

Then it was off to dinner!
(The fossil book came along...)

The lovely and talented Rachel, our hostess.

And Matt, our host.

Daddy did the traditional blessing.

Then it was bagpipes and haggis!

Some toasts were made and then DINNER!

C&G and one other 4 year old girl, Ryanne, were the only little kids there, but they had a good old time playing chase and reading the fossil book. Poor Colin. He kept trying to get the girls interested in his book. They'd look for a minute, then run away.
He must have done something right though, I hear Ryanne was asking her mom for a fossil book the next day! That's my boy.

After dinner, we had some music and some poetry.

Good time for all! Thanks Matt and Rachel!