Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Uncle Willis and Aunt Leah get Married!

In August we were pretty excited to join Uncle Willis and (Real) Aunt Leah for their rooftop, city wedding!

Camera Roll-90

Nice venue, right? And the weather was beautiful. As was the ceremony. We got some fun pictures before the ceremony (so did the photographer, he liked the kiddos).
Camera Roll-529
Camera Roll-530
Camera Roll-531

And this is the only picture of me that we got the entire day. Isn't that always the way??

Oh wait, and this one.

Camera Roll-532
Camera Roll-535
Camera Roll-537

And then Milo arrived. He was the wedding attendant. Best Man AND Maid of Honor, I think.
Camera Roll-91
Camera Roll-92
Camera Roll-93
Camera Roll-94

Aunt Leah and her lovely mom got flowers for the kiddos. They really enjoyed them.
Camera Roll-96
Camera Roll-102

Notice G's fancy hair-do. I asked her what she wanted to do with her hair. She sighed at me and said, "I have to have a ballet bun. I'm going somewhere fancy."
Camera Roll-98
Camera Roll-99
Camera Roll-100
Camera Roll-101

Finally it was ceremony time!
Camera Roll-538
Camera Roll-539
Camera Roll-541
Camera Roll-542
Camera Roll-543

The bride!
Camera Roll-544

Camera Roll-545
Camera Roll-546

Red socks. Of course.
Camera Roll-548

Camera Roll-549

Camera Roll-550

Camera Roll-552

Camera Roll-553
Camera Roll-554
Camera Roll-555
Camera Roll-556

Colin LOVED the sparkling cider that he and sissy had.
Camera Roll-105

Camera Roll-108
Camera Roll-109

Camera Roll-110

A lovely evening for a lovely couple! We wish them all the best!

The Move.

I think I've been avoiding writing this post because I don't want to relive the whole thing. Really, we had an "easy" move. Not too much went awry. BUT, it was still a heck of a lot of work. A LOT OF WORK.

I'll start with the week between when we moved most of our stuff OUT and when the people finally moved OUT.

Cats and tv on the floor. With dust.
Camera Roll-421

A final mark on the growth chart. Kinda sad for this Mama. We did transfer all the data to a portable piece of trim...yet to be transfered.
Camera Roll-423
Camera Roll-424
(And there's Dewey. He became Colin's safe object. He helped Colin get through the move mentally and emotionally.)

Weasel really enjoyed the lawn chair action.
Camera Roll-427

High style living right here. Floor tv and a lawn chair. And pancakes mixed in a sauce pan.
Camera Roll-429
Camera Roll-430

And our last family dinner in the old place!
Camera Roll-431
Camera Roll-432

And our last bedtime in the old house. Sniff, sniff.
Camera Roll-433
Camera Roll-435
Camera Roll-439
Camera Roll-441
Camera Roll-442

Next morning we were up early and went to grab some breakfast.
Camera Roll-446
Camera Roll-447
Camera Roll-449

And one last family picture before the kiddos headed to gymnastics camp and then up north with Grammy and Papa.
Camera Roll-450
Camera Roll-451

Then we got BUSY. Grammy, Papa Frank, Daddy and I worked our bums off. What little was left in the house (and, really, I think it multiplied while we weren't looking) went over to the new house's basement and we cleaned up the old house for the new owners. And we sweat. We sweat A LOT. By lunch time we were done, the kids and grandparents and cats drove north, and Daddy and I showered at Uncle D's and were ready to head to closing! Close went smoothly and we were VERY happy to be temporarily homeless for the weekend!

We spent a pretty laid back, carefree weekend at Grammy and Papa's house. Momo and WeeWee too.
Camera Roll-454
Camera Roll-455
Camera Roll-458
Camera Roll-459
Camera Roll-460

On Sunday, our 12th wedding anniversary, Daddy and I headed back to the 'Burgh. We stopped for a yummy Thai anniversary date and a made (the first of many) runs to the home improvement store. We spent the night with Uncle D, Aunt Cedes, and Tommy. Bright and early we were up, grabbed some breakfast, and headed off to close.
Camera Roll-463
Camera Roll-464

Camera Roll-465

I'll take you on a quick wallpaper tour. By tomorrow at dinner time...it will all be GONE. Thank heavens. But I do think it needs to be preserved for posterity.
Camera Roll-467
Camera Roll-468
Camera Roll-470
Camera Roll-471
Camera Roll-473
(Yes, that is wallpaper on the ceiling.)
Camera Roll-476
Camera Roll-477
Camera Roll-478

Moving helpers.
Camera Roll-479

Frig delivery and cable installation. Woo hoo! Both needed some "over hauling" later in the week.
Camera Roll-487

So, that was the start of our new adventure! Within three weeks we had 95% unpacked and were able to park both cars in the garage. YAY.