Saturday, June 13, 2009

David and Mercedes Get Married!!

On June 6th, Uncle David and Aunt Mercedes got married!! We were really looking forward to this big event, mostly because it was about darn time, but also because Michael and I were looking forward to an evening of fun without kids!! Colin and Gillian attended the ceremony with Grandma RoRo and me (Daddy was one of the groomsmen), and then went home with Grandma for an on-time bedtime!

Grandma RoRo and Grandpa Greg helped me get the babies ready for the wedding, and it took all three adults to get us out the door on time! We did have time for a few quick pre-wedding photos!



And, one shot with Mommy. Yes, our outfits matched. I was trying the idea out.

A quick shot of Gillian's peep-toe shoes.

In the meantime....Uncle D waits...


The ceremony was beautiful! And Aunt Mercedes looked like a radiant princess!! Colin roared his approval when he saw her walking down the aisle! Both babies were well behaved during the ceremony, but Gillian would not sit still! Eventually Grandma RoRo took her to the back of the church, but Colin sat with me and ate a book. He particularly enjoyed the singing!

The happy bride and groom:

Michael has described the post-wedding chaos as "a baby feeding-frenzy." Neither of us could hold onto a baby for more than 3 seconds. And, I swear, nobody was ASKING, just taking!! It was pretty funny! I had to fight to get both babies for 2 minutes to get a family photo taken! Unfortunately, none of them are good. If anyone has one of the four of us that's any good, we'd love to see it!

Grandpa Frank gets a Gillie-bean, briefly!

Great-Grandma Hannold visiting with Colin; she did visit with Gillian too, but I don't have a picture of it.

Grammy and Grandpa got both babies!

Even the bride got a baby! (This is where the Maid-of-Honor thought, "Oh no, that's not good. We're never going to be to dinner on time!) Look how patiently Uncle D waits for his new wife...

After a few "official" photographs, the babies went home with Grandma RoRo and, I am told, they were very well behaved and loved every minute of it! Michael and I had a nice time at the reception being child-free!

Congratulations to the NEW Mr. and Mrs. Uhl!!

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Jessica said...

True that - as soon as Mercedes got a baby I thought, "We're totally not going to be an schedule!" But who can resist the babies?