Sunday, February 2, 2014

Dinosaurs and Turkeys

Colin had, once again, been begging to go to the dino museum for the day.  We finally had an empty Saturday afternoon, so off we went.

Camera Roll-384

Camera Roll-385

Camera Roll-386

Camera Roll-387

Giant pickled lobster. He was NOT touching.
Camera Roll-388

Camera Roll-389

Camera Roll-390

Camera Roll-391

Camera Roll-393

For some reason, this trip they were fascinated with this pretend camp fire.
 Camera Roll-394

Camera Roll-395

Round 2 of digging:
Camera Roll-396

After we finished up at the museum we joined Uncle Willis, Aunt Leah, and GraGra for dinner at Uncle Willis and Aunt Leah's house.  Before dinner we crafted up our hand turkeys for Uncle Willis' First Annual Smith Family Hand Turkey Exchange.
Camera Roll-397

A very fun day!

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