Sunday, February 2, 2014

Letters to Santa

I usually wait until after Thanksgiving to have the kiddos write their letters to Santa, BUT Thanksgiving was so late this year that we wrote them the weekend before Turkey Day. We had been talking about what to request from Santa for a while beforehand, so we were able to write the letters pretty easily and quickly. The kids needed some prompting for including the niceties of letter anything other than a list of what they wanted! With just a little help though, I think the letters turned out well!

Gillian's list:
Camera Roll-433

Colin's list:
Camera Roll-432

We usually go to Macy's to mail our letters. They have a special mailbox for Santa and they give $1 for each letter in the box to charity, Make A Wish, I think!

Camera Roll-440

Camera Roll-441

Camera Roll-442

Off the letters go to the Big Guy!! Weeeee!

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