Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Halloween 2013

Halloween comes one week after the kids' birthday.  Halloween has never been my favorite holiday...even less so after a week of birthday crazy.  BUT, Colin and Gillian LOVE Halloween.  They love the creepy, the crawly, the (slightly) scary, the CANDY. So...off we go.

School party the day before!  No costumes (YAY) but books, games, crafts, and treats!
Camera Roll-356

Halloween itself was wet.  Very wet.  BUT also warm!  I think when we stepped out to Trick or Treat it was 65 and drizzling.  Daddy stayed home to pass out treats and the kids and I hit the neighborhood!  I think we went to 15 or 20 houses, but it was plenty.


See my enthusiasm?

Momo thinks he wants to come along.



It was as fun as Halloween can get! Weeeeeee!

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